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High-power Eco-friendly Continuous Process Ovens With Hot Air Circulation Device

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High-power Eco-friendly Continuous Process Ovens With Hot Air Circulation Device Design


This Continual process ovens is food drying out devices, which can dry all types of materials, such as farming products drying, Chinese organic medicine drying out, fruit drying, feed drying out, tea drying out, nuts drying, hot pepper drying, jujube drying out, garlic drying, vegetable drying, etc. The equipment can adjust the speed, wind speed as well as temperature according to the characteristics of products, to change various products and accomplish the security of drying. Out products.


Industrial Oven Basic Info.

Product name

continuous process ovens



Place of Origin


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380v & customerized








65 kw






The constant process stoves practical structure, hassle-free installment, smooth procedure, basic usage and also lengthy service life; Special securing gadget makes the distribution of hot air a lot more consistent and ensures the uniformity of product top quality; Can adjust air volume, heating temperature level, material home time as well as feeding speed to accomplish the very best drying result; A lot of air is reused and very energy reliable!


Batch Process Oven Advantage

Product name

continuous process ovens


appearance and bioactivity are largely retained

low noise

multi wing centrifugal fan blade

heat pump system

removing air humidity

Drying in a closed

sealed room

no foreign material pollution

no dependence from the climate

All in one design

the operation directly after power switched on

Graphical touch control system

automatic intelligent control

automatic intelligent control

demands no human duty after setting

The plan is common for delivery. We send our equipment, and also package photos to you to verify before delivery. Because we have actually bought insurance policy for you, we or delivering business will certainly be liable!

We are committed to every device prior to shipment with expert appointing debugging to ensure that the equipment is best for you. And also solemnly guarantee you can device service warranty for 2 years, Long-term to give after-sale extra parts service cost price.

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