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800-2000kg/h Capacity No-pollutionindustrial Hot Air Oven,Industrial Dryers

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800-2000kg/h Capacity  No-pollutionindustrial Hot Air Oven,Industrial Dryers Design


Industrial hot air oven: widely utilized in drying market, such as transformer, inductance baking, PCB, equipment, and also plastic components, the baking of silk, and also other sectors, such as shoes, drying out and activation. Cheap and versatile.

Industrial Conveyor Oven Reference Parameter

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industrial hot air oven



Inner sizeW*H*D(mm)


External sizeW*H*D(mm)


Temperature range(℃)








Rate of work(kw)


The PLC touchscreen is made to be easy to use as well as offer the best feasible overview, and also control. Apart from temperature level regulation, and also stove control, the touchscreen also comes criterion with recipe handling, alarms, log function, and Internet connectivity.

Industrial Dryers Advantage 

Product name

industrial hot air oven

Easy to clean

304 stainless steel

Long use time

High temperature resistant long shaft motor

Overtemperature protection

Super load automatic power system

Easier to operate

PID microcomputer control

Safe & reliable

Double sided overheating protection

Meet the needs of different materials

Easy to set temperature

Temperature raising is fast and spread even

Heating is by compulsory circulating ventilation

A frequency converter manages the rate of the chauffeur motor, and the durable belt driving system gives ideal integrity and exact baking time. Long ovens, and also ovens for hefty products are fitted with dual drive system, each with its very own electric motor.

We can dispatch our designer to four city for installation deblawhile. Worker relevant: The plan of devices, Structure problem graph, The equipment, Electric control system schematic representation, Key accessorieoperating instructions certification and also on.

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  • 1、Hot air oven heating by electric energy heating tube, and by motor to achieve a uniform temperature inside the oven through the air duct. Air supply is divided 
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What is the difference between the hot air oven and the autoclave?

  • 1、Mar 27, 2018 - This lesson will discuss what a hot air oven is and how it. ... Autoclaves and Moist Heat Sterilization: Use With Surgical Tools ... Examples of items that aren't sterilized in a hot air oven are surgical dressings, rubber items, or plastic material. ... Gina's manager now explains the different types of hot air ovens
  • 2、May 11, 2020 - The key difference between dry heat sterilization and moist heat ... types of moist heat sterilization include boiling and autoclaving. While the typed of dry heat sterilization include Incarnation, hot air oven, Bunsen burner, and 
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What is hot air oven used for?

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  • 2、Mar 14, 2019 - A hot air oven is a type of dry heat sterilization. Dry heat sterilization is used on equipment that cannot be wet and on material that will not melt, 
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