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Fully Automatic High Capacity Industrial Hot Air Oven For Aarious Food And Herb

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Fully Automatic High Capacity Industrial Hot Air Oven For Aarious Food And Herb Design


The Industrial hot air oven adopts a new energy-saving and also environmentally-friendly home heating innovation, paying even more focus to power conserving, and also security. When it is absorbed by the home heating product, it can become heating energy, which can shorten the production cycle and also boost the manufacturing high quality. It is an ideal and promising drying devices, which is easy to use and also has apparent results.

Industrial Conveyor Oven Basic Info.

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industrial hot air oven


Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Plastics Processing



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Main features for hot air distributing drying out oven is the home heating resources are optional, you can use heavy steam or electricity. Hot air flow drying system, which can dry food faster. Temperature control which can establish various hot air temperature level according to various food.


Industrial Dryers Advantage

Product name

industrial hot air oven

accurate in temperature control

intelligent digital display temperature controller


over-temperature alarm

easy to observe

observation window


zinc-plating chamber/S.S chamber

uniform heat circulation

large diameter centrifugal wind wheel

even material drying

forced ventilation is utilized

with a wide pplication range

can dry various materials

Typically, little machine will certainly be packed in the wooden instance, and we can likewise load it according to customers unique request. If equipment is big, we will fix the device inside container with steel cables, and also nails. Machine will not relocate inside the container.

Our r & d wing is our asset that develops as well as integrates ingenious concepts and products. Our Group is full of experienced as well as professional specialists, who have audio knowledge regarding the high quality of our medical machinery. Our items are much offered to Europe, U.S.A., and the Southeast Asia. They are well-received by the customers both at home and abroad.

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